Services Offered

Contract Drafting and Negotiation.  The Firm's practice focuses on providing entities and individuals with advice and assistance in the drafting, review, negotiation and execution of business contracts.  The Firm has substantial experience in the negotiation of a diverse range of agreements, such as service contracts and non-disclosure agreements, and particularly in the negotiation of financial arrangements and products.  The Firm also offers services in the evaluation and negotiation of contractual disputes, the review and evaluation of existing contracts and the development of contract templates and negotiation guidelines.


Business Entity Formation and Governance.  The Firm offers advice and assistance with corporate and LLC formation, corporate formalities, and the drafting, review and amendment of internal governance documentation, such as by-laws, operating agreements, resolutions, policies and procedures.  The Firm is experienced in the establishment of professional entities in New York.


Mediation.  The Firm offers mediation services for parties that seek an organized, neutral and informal process to help them resolve their disputes without litigation.